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mengapa pemasaran jaringan booming

mengapa pemasaran jaringan booming

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Microsoft's founder Bill Gates put it well in his book, The Road Ahead, "success is a lousy teacher". It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. And it's an unreliable guide to the future. What seems to be the perfect business plan or the latest technology today may soon be as out-of-date as the eight-track player, the vacuum-tube television, or the mainframe computer. I watched it happen. Gates stunned people in 1996 as he dramatically 'reinvented' Microsoft around the Internet. He had missed the potential effects of the Internet and only his understanding of change in dynamic industries gave him the motivation to move so quickly.

Every industry is changing dramatically at the moment and this is affecting everyone's future. Technology is driving our lives as mankind struggles to live with the blinding rate of change. Just as it happened between the agricultural and industrial revolutions, in the new information revolution we are seeing massive social dislocation with the rich getting richer and poor poorer.


We are all being thrown into one of three pots:

- Core knowledge workers of high pay and high stress.

- Support workers of low pay, boredom and insecurity.

- Self-employed opportunists with freedom to win or lose.

For most, self-employment offers few opportunities because they lack the capital, skills, contacts or character to succeed. As Michael Gerber said in his book, The E-Myth, most people need a franchise that is entrepreneurial so they don't have to be. Most franchises cost lots of money, which is why the Network Marketing franchise has become so popular. It offers everyone the chance of becoming a successful self-employed opportunist with the freedom to win and little to lose. Network Marketing is one of the leading up-and-coming industries like the Internet. Often misunderstood, after 50 years of development it has now entered its Growth phase and the results are explosive. It now is the Right Place at the Right Time. Proof is everywhere.

Network Marketing worldwide has grown from 14 million to 31 million in 4 years. Every month more than 500,000 people join and this is accelerating. It is booming in every country of the world attracting all sorts of people. The proof is everywhere.

The Right Place

The reasons for growth are the three primary trends in society today:

- The Lifestyle Revolution where everyone seeks to work and earn an income but at the same time they want to be happy. The days of killing yourself for the job or the boss are dying.

- The Self-employment Revolution where technology is replacing workers and increasing the stress on the knowledge workers.

- The Direct Shopping Revolution where the shop is now going to the customer.

Only Network Marketing sits in front of all three major trends. Read Edward Ludbrook's The Big Picture for a complete explanation of the facts why Network Marketing will boom.

The Right Time

Every growth factor required of continued exponential growth is now in place. The US boom was the final piece for the next global boom.


Due to the expansion into the developing world and the rise of a service based companies, Network Marketing is predicted to grow to at least 200 million participants by 2009. If anything the prediction is conservative considering the dramatic expansion in the USA and Japan. The staggering growth in the huge population bases of SEAsia, China, Russia and South America are unlikely to slow for many years.

Your Challenge

The greatest challenge is believing in the positive future of Network Marketing enough to create the desire and commitment to go into massive action. My advice is to do whatever you can to create that belief because Networking's boom is happening. You just need to decide whether you are going to join the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can it saturate?

Industries or products don't saturate. They are still selling more televisions now that they ever have. Do you know one thing that has saturated? Televisions, cars, telephones? In Network Marketing hundreds of millions will join and many will leave as their lives and needs change. Saturation is no excuse for not joining Network Marketing, in fact; we'd love it to saturate; because that would mean that five billion people are involved!

Can I work more than one company?

Working two or more Network Marketing companies is a total dissolution of your effort. Like all things concentration of effort is critical. Once company is all you need to maximise your success. If you do not believe your company can do this, then challenge what you think is lacking. Still no confidence? Then move on.

How long does it take?

It will take you anything from three months to three years to become a competent networker. This is because you must be confident with all knowledge, skills and attitudes. Until you are competent, do not expect to earn consistent profits. To become financially independent can take two to five years after becoming a competent networker.

How can I pick the right company?

There is no right or wrong company. All companies will say they are the best and some have very good reasons for their claims. The most important determinant of your long-term income is what is known as customer driven volume. This means that your products and marketing strategy must eventually create a customer base that proactively purchases from you or your company. This residual turnover underscores everyone's income.

Is this Pyramid Selling?

This question makes me laugh. Who sells pyramids these days? No seriously, people who ask this question normally are questioning Network Marketing's legality. The answer is 'of course'; it is legal, recognised and regulated, so don't worry. But if you are really looking for a pyramid, I have a lovely one, only 5,000 years old, one previous owner and I'll even throw in a side order of camels.

by Edward Ludbrook



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